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Anyone who does a careful examination of the myth of Baba Yaga really can't avoid an obvious and inescapable conclusion:

Baba Yaga was an alien whose spaceship crash-landed in a forest in medieval Russia.

Let's take a look at the evidence from the myth:

  • She is described as a witch, but does not have any of the stereotypical witch features: no pointed hat, no broom.

  • She is described as having inhuman features: an abnormally large nose, an inhuman skin tone, and iron teeth.

  • She travels through the forest in a large bowl, and whenever she appears on the scene, a wild wind begins to blow, the trees around creak and groan and leaves whirl through the air. "Shrieking and wailing, a host of spirits often accompany her on her way."

  • She lives in a "hut" that walks around on two legs (said to look like chicken legs), and that has no door but opens at vocal commands.

  • When the hut moves around, it spins and "emits blood-curdling screeches and will only come to a halt amid much creaking and groaning."

  • She has a host of "spiritual helpers" that appear at her commands and do her bidding, including a pair of "disembodied hands" that perform manual labor for her.

Isn't this the perfect medieval description of an alien with technology?

Even her name doesn't sound like a name: Baba yaga. Think about it. It sounds like the sounds a person makes when he is trying to imitate a language that he does not understand.

So that is what is shown here: Baba yaga with her hut. A poor exiled, possibly crash-landed alien creature who is trying to survive in the forests of ancient Russia.

Technical details:

Drawn using a Wacom Tablet with Corel Painter 11, using a mixture of brushes and techniques at different stages:

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