MLP - Hades and Zeus (Rough Lineart) Picture







"Only the Foolish or Daring ponies have ever tried to venture into Tartarus, a dark domain where the most vile and wicked of creatured are imprisoned and tormented.

most never get past Cerberus, the guardian of the gates..So, most never really learn that Cerberus isn't the true ruler of Tartarus.


the true ruler of Hades, the dark god of death.

Hades can take on many forms, but as he deals with ponies most of the time, he tends to mostly resemble an Equine himself.

Ironically enough, Hades is a very calm, coolheaded god..but, while brief, his explosive temper is not to be taken lightly.


Predictably, Hades despises his job as ruler of Tartarus (in which he is mostly the warden the one big prison)

but, despite his personal feelings he takes his job VERY seriously, and won't stand for any of his rules and laws being violated (such as "Escapes")


The only one who can keep Hades in control is his wife, "Persephone", who always knows just what to say to talk Hades into doing anything."



[Character Voice: James Woods]






"While his name is slipped into legend, the Thunder God Zeus never-the-less pays a service to all living things in Equestria by ruling over Paradise, and ensuring the afterlives of Ponies and Non-Ponies is true to the name of his domain.

Zeus is very kind, compassionate and fatherly in personality. but, if provoked, he can have quite a "thunderous" temper.


the only REAL threat to his rule is his own brother Hades (ruler of Tartarus), who is constantly trying to take the throne of Paradise, leaving Zeus in Tartarus (but, being brothers, Zeus is always willing to Forgive and Forget the repetitive insurgency)


Zeus muse and inspiration is his wife, "Hera", who often councils him on the proper things to do in times of crisis."




[Character Voice: Corey Burton]






This idea REALLY originated from a conversation that I had with

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