Arayian Gundog Breedsheet Picture


Habitat: AGD's are not meant for cold-weather,even the long-furred type can't handle freezing weather.This breed can normally handle heat and hot temperatures pretty well,though they are most commonly found in the Foresrs of Ara and as a companion to the humans of Ara.They make great hunting companions and are said to have surpassed the brownie hounds in being the human's best hunting companion.

Appetite/Diet: These dogs are expected to have the same diet as any earth dog.

Size and Height: Height: 28.5
Weight: 120-250 pounds


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Reproduction: Females go into heat twice every year,heat cycle's normally last 2 and a half months. Females are normally fairly picky about who they allow to breed with them,when in heat the female tends to get easily angered and protective of herself,theirs a high risk in her attacking the male.

Appearance: AGD's have alot of Earth's Doberman Dog influence.American and European influence.They are well built and normally rather slim. Colors consist of most Earth Dog colors. Brindle,White and Cream are extremely rare cases though. Some markings and colors come from old bloodlines,like the olden BrownieHound bloodlines,they have held some of the teal,green,blue and purple markings and colorations from the breed.At times markings can even glow.Ears come in quite a few varients. Up-standing doberman ears are most common,it's not uncommon for them to curl at the ends.The other two ear types are Small Folded ears,as shown on the liver doberman in the breedsheet. As well as the Long Furred or Short-Furred hang downs. Their are two coat types,smooth,and long-haired. The long-furred normally has a thick warm coat,silky hair at the end of their ears that make them look like they curl back,low-drooped ears are not normally found in the Long-Furred type,it's rare,but it has happened before,it's normally considered a fault.Dawclaws on this breed are normally extra thick and strong,easier for gripping onto the prey.They have unnatural long top canines,acting like fangs,Any dog without the long dewclaw and the fangs is immediately thought of as Defected,inbred or a mixbreed.

Need To Know's: Arayian Gundogs are known to be a prized hunting animal,speed,agility,strength,intelligence. All the hunter needs as a hutning companion,they are one the prized canines of Ara,specifically bred to hunt and show.

How To Get One:
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But i'm thinking for me to make one,it'll cost 15 points.For you guys to make one,it'll cost 17 points ^^.Remember,if you have any questions,just ask!
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