Nezha Picture

WOOHOO! This one may be my proudest work so far. Ha.
I have gotten better in drawing anatomy and coloring... but my hands still stink.
This character, Nezha, is a well known deity among the Chinese. It was told as books, a film, and a cartoon that puts a HUGE twist about it (they went on about Nezha becoming some type of war hero to take down an evil villain and restore peace, which was not originally in Nezha's legend).
Note: His story is posted at the bottom of this rant.

... and he's supposed to be a kid, but I can't draw them D'8
And I'm too lazy to make a background. DEAL WITH IT.

I don't know WHY I got so into drawing Chinese mythology these days. But they're awesome 8D
This only took me one hour to draw, so it's very impressing. I rambled about this to my friends, and punched/shook them nonstop. Hehe. (Sorry Flora! TTATT)

Programs used: Gimp and Photoshop
Time Taken List:
Lineart: 3 Hours OTL
Coloring: 7 Hours

Also, I kind of used urusai-baka's clothes design.

Legend of Nezha (there are many versions, but this is mine)

He was born in the Li family, where he spent three years in his mother's belly. When he was born, as some kind of a shiny meat ball, his father thought he was a monster (seriously, who can blame him?). So, he cut the ball in half, but from the ball emerged a complete normal child, Nezha.

After he was born, Nezha's master, Taiyi Zhenren (an immortal), bestowed upon him two powerful weapons; the Universe Ring (the ring with thingy) and the Red Armillary Sash (the red silk tissue thingy). Everything was normal until one day he was playing by the sea, and killed Ao Bing, the third son of the East Sea Dragon King (in the film version, Nezha stripped Ao Bing of his nerves and played it as a whip). Nezha was only seven years old.

Of course, the Dragon King was not happy (who would?!). He managed to get all the other Dragon Kings together, and threatened the people to hand Nezha over. And, of course, Nezha's father was going to, but couldn't, because to end this whole thing, Nezha slashed his own throat (in other versions, he cut himself open and removed his organs, which is quite disturbing considering he was SEVEN).

Later, Taiyi Zhenren resurrected Nezha using lotus roots, petals, etc to construct a body for Nezha's soul. But Nezha's father was still angry at him, causing a father versus son rivalry. They later were forced to reconciliate by another deity.
At some point after he was resurrected, he was bestowed two other weapons, his Wind Fire Wheels (the thingy he's standing on) and the Fire-tipped Spear.

He was often depicted as a mischievous deity, often giving out lottery numbers instead of keeping them quiet like all the other deities. He also made an appearance in Journey to the West, where he battled Wukong, the Monkey King. Also, he's sometimes depicted as having three heads and six arms (which I will never draw... two hands is enough for me @[email protected]).

And here is the cartoon version (simple plot points).
1) Born, then later meets the daughter of a Dragon King.
2) Father threw his weapons into the sea.
3) Meanwhile, a child of the rebel force trying to overthrow the tyrant emperor was captured, among with his father. Then he was decapitated (the father, not the child... he was kept prisoner as a showcase to all the rebels).
And a fox demon enters the life of the tyrant.
And an evil villain comes here.
4) Nezha goes to retrieve his weapons, kept by Ao Bing.
5) The fox demon steals the precious pear kept by Ao Bing, who thought Nezha stole it due to an early encounter.
6) Nezha kills himself to end the Dragon King's threat.
7) Resurrected.
8) He meets the rescued child of the rebel, Ji Fa.
9) Stuff happens, they went to beat the feces out of the evil villain.
10) But, they found an ancient artifact that could control the word, was split in half; one became Nezha's possession, the other in the villain's (cheesy, no?).
11) Explosion, Ji Fa was sent flying half way across China, and Nezha was sent flying in the other direction.
12) Meets a beautiful... elf? Uh, a girl in the forest.
13) Fights with Yanjie (a deity that could shape-shift), who was tricked by the villain.
14) Unimportant stuff happens, then Yanjie realizes he was tricked.
15) More stuff happens, they went to fight the evil villain. Nezha almost gets drowned in a poisonous river (hard to explain, the river is in another myth, but would take too long to explain... just know that it blocked Nezha's powers).
16) They go off in search of the Wind Fire Wheels.
17) Succeed, went back to Ji Fa and build and army to fight the tyrant.
18) As the war goes on, we see many more Chinese mythology deities that I'm too lazy to explain who.
19) They win, Nezha fights off the evil villain, but sadly, he got possessed by the evil villain.
20) To end the villain's resurrection, he locked himself in a indestructible tower, never to be released.
21) Nuwa, another deity (she's the boss) was moved by the cries of the citizens for Nezha to come back, so she released Nezha.
22) Nezha fights off the possession.
23) The end.
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