Demon Kelpie [Description included] Picture

New OC of mine. He's based off the kelpie, from Celtic folklore, though has some unique qualities not related to the myth itself.

He possesses the ability to make his appearance seem like that of any normal horse. This ability doesn't physically change the shape of his body, it's more of an illusion cast upon the eyes of the beholder.

Like the kelpie, he aims to entice travelers into climbing onto his back for a ride. Achieving that goal requires him to act rather friendly and innocent when around lone travelers. He doesn't usually go for groups, but will if he thinks they're particularly vulnerable.

Once someone mounts him he can make the skin on his back become adhesive, which prevents the rider from getting off. Usually at this point he'll gallop off to a secluded area in order to give his powers time to take effect.

Immediately after the adhesive takes effect, he begins to drain them of energy to prevent struggling or calling out.

From there he is presented with a couple options. He can either just drain them of energy until they pass out, then release them, or he can use them as a puppet of sort.

Once the rider is weakened enough, the demon kelpie can then use their body as if it was their own. The limitation is that they cannot dismount or else the spell will be broken. While possessing someone, he gains complete control over their mind and body, along with access to memories.

While possessing a rider, he can alter his illusion to make it seem like they aren't stuck to his back.

He typically does this for fun more than anything. The person being possessed is completely aware of what is happening to them, and they can see his true form while others cannot.

While he can literally drain them of all their life energy, he typically doesn't, even when he's done using them. Once they're separated he still retains most of their memories. A potential downside to leaving them alive is that his illusions no longer affect them, so they could hunt him down much more easily than could someone who hadn't been controlled. He actually hopes that some people will come looking for him, as he's extremely confident that no one will ever really catch him, and he likes the challenge.
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