Hope Picture

This is Hope from the greek myth of Pandora's Box. I here by quote from "The Encyclopedia of Mythology" : "Hope; a female entity sealed inside Pandora's jar by Prometheus, Hope remained trapped inside the jar when the evils were released." Ofcourse Pandora reopened the jar/box to release Hope, but this is a picture of her when she is still trapped. It was inspired by a picture of Hope by George Frederic Watts but in the picture of his picture in the book I couldn't work out what was supporting Hopes head, so I basically did this piture 1. because I think the idea is cool and 2. because I wanted to see if I could work out what hope was holding. Thought I still hanv't worked that out. but anyway hope you like it. Oh, by the way, Hope has a bandage over her eyes because she is blind, hence the saying 'blind Hope'.
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