Fenrir study 2 on heads Picture

...So after my last study on Fenrir, I came back around to do more studies on the wolf monster I have in mind and what I want to do with it. Best to my ability, anyway... Which is proving more difficult than I thought. Even after going into detail with my friend on the topics of horror, uncanny, etc, etc, etc, etc... Still becoming difficult. It seems the cartoonish style I hit before is strong within me and I find it hard to shake it off. So bare with me, please.
On the other hand I did go some very, VERY good practice in doing this in all sorts of ways. Mammals are becoming easier every day.
Onto the sketches!

Sketch 1... turned out very similar to the last drawings. More realistic, or at least trying. Taking what I originally intended and tried to improve it. Not sure how well that went over and I more and likely gonna get a thumbs down on it... but at least I tried.
...I take note that the ears are very, VERY out of place for "Horror". Oh well. I do love that toothy grin, though.

Sketch 2 is a tad more onto what I wanted but a small margin. The eyes I believe, in my opinion, add onto the face and come off as scary. Maybe not horrifying though... Horror seems to elude me by just dangling above my face like a piece of meat in front a great-white shark. The teeth are also a tad thinner and more numerous, and perhaps leaning toward more on what I am aiming for? Maybe? I feel like I am getting somewhere even if it is baby steps.

Sketch 3 is equally as mixed. When I attempt to draw these monstrous muzzles of animals, I tend to make the broad, flat, thin, and so forth. Again, probably leaning to the cartoon-like design and believe me when I say I am not trying this time around. Le sigh...
But I do believe I came across one aspect I think can add onto monstrous at least. A animals jaw stretches so far more or less, and I think a wolf who can unhinge and bend their jaw at a strange and uncanny degree of 180-degrees might come off as fair. I tried to keep the eyes blank and demonic, too, to seem vicious.
...Its funny to note that this is Fenrir from Norse Mythology. My main monster Vastrato is Jormangandr from the same myth, and in myth, Fenrir and Vastrato are both sons of Loki. Now Vastrato, being rubbery and stretch, can also bend his/her jaw at very strange extents. So if Fenrir can do this also... Perhaps I can use this to link them? Maybe? I don't know yet, but I do know I sense something there I can use. Not diving into. Testing the waters on this idea among much else. Don't wanna fall in and drown, now do we?

Sketch 4 and finaly is mcuh like Sketch 2. A slightly different angle.. Like I said, practice at the very least in lots of ways with angles being one of them.
By now a lot of you probably notice I keep putting the mouth corners far near the cheekbones and somewhat exaggerated lips. I want to try to keep these features if possible without making it look like a cartoon as I did before. I am trying to make it look real, look good, and look abominable...
Though I might not be able to too in the end and I dread the idea of failing at it. Especially after trying hard. But if I cant do it, then I can't do it. Bleh.
This one head though does have smaller, extra eyes in the grooves going back from the main eye corners, as well as a few small horny projections. Small details but its different.

I am very well aware of a lot of demonic looking, freaky, uncanny things that have been presented to me by friends. And I appreciate those like crazy and... admire some of them. Attack on Titan... Geez, I hope we get an American release on that.
However I don't want to copy these already existing things and pawn it off as original. I want to try to make my own uncanny, freaky monstrous features and make something new, while at the same time being on that scary level of stuff.
...but again, I might not be able to do it. Or at least very well. BUT I CAN AT LEAST TRY! And trying is the fun part at least.

Annnnnyway here is more sketches and stuff. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.. even if it is a tad harsh.
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