The Monster Picture

I hope this looks as fabulous as I feel it does.
Monster!Dooms~ I thought I would do him a ref sheet kinda thing; but to add the color drops right now would take a lot of effort and it's taken FOREVER to get this far.
plzignoremyuglyfrontlegs. TT^TT

For those that are curious, Dooms is a monster of my own design. He is part Honey Badger and part Nian. A Nian is a monster of Chinese myth that came down from the sky/mountain/sea near the end of the year and terrorized villagers (he was defeated by fireworks, and hated the color red).
^ I've been contemplating more of his back story.
...Still trying to figure out where the rainbows are coming from now that I'm leaning on the Chinese mythology.
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