Children of Lir Picture

My final for my Digital Media class. We had to pick a story from mythology and compose an image from it. Most people do Greek/Roman, but I wanted to do Irish, so I chose the Children of Lir. The myth is about a sorceress who is jealous of her new husband's (a king) love of his children. She tricks them one day and curses them to spend 900 years as swans.

The ONLY photo I took was the one of the boy. All others I found from Google. As part of the assignment, we were allowed to take pictures off the internet this one time, because it was basically impossible to take all the photos we would need ourselves. Therefor, I'm NOT taking credit for them. All I did was take the pic of the boy (my brother), and compose the images the way they are seen. I also added some effects with the brushes.
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