Godzilla: MaM - CULT OF GOJIRA 1 Picture

An underground movement in my Myths and Mutations universe. As future entries will show, they're not a pleasant bunch...

- In the Myths and Mutations universe, "Gojira" was a monster in ancient Japanese folklore, predicted to one day arise from the sea and punish mankind for some arrogant transgression (the name combines gorira ("gorilla") and kujira ("whale") (I guess you could compare the myth to Ragnarok of Norse mythology)
- Following the 1954 sighting of one of Godzilla's ancestors, an underground cult hoped it was the mythic Gojira awakening to punish America for its nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (it started in Japan, but has since accumulated members of many nationalities)
- Mask worn by many Cult members
(This part was inspired by how the "Anonymous" group wear Guy Fawkes masks)
- Banner seen here depicts an envisioning of "Gojira" based on Tsuneo Honda's vague drawing, with elements common to Asian mythic creatures added, such as the mammalian face
- When Godzilla himself finally appeared in 2014, the Cult were ecstatic - until it was revealed that their "vengeful god" was actually a giant mutated lizard just trying to survive (a New York reporter, Charles Caiman, jokingly suggested "Godzilla" as an alternative, and it stuck)
- Despite the Cult's agitation, its New York faction's leader - businessman Shou Ueno - still thought the creature could be useful
- One Cult member, Bradley Reese, used his job delivering pizzas to spy on H.E.A.T.; he was quick to inform his superiors when Miki Saegusa went into a coma

Are these guys a parody of aggressively purist Godzilla fans? Would I do such a thing?
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