El Imbunche Picture

The Imbunche is a mythological creature of the Austral canals and islands of the southern corner of the world, of the Archipielago of Chiloé:

It was a human child, taken from their parents as a baby by wizards:

They breaked his leg, and "glued" it to the back of the child, so he doesn't escape from the caves:

Then, they raised the Imbunche, feeding it with human meat: first, with "Cat milk"/ leche de gata, that is milk from a machi/witch, then with "goat meat"/ Carne de cabrito, to say meat of children, and then with meat of adult human, when he is as well human:

It was deformed, horrible: the guardian of the "Calcu", the Wizards of Chiloé:

In my representation, it doesn't had much hair, is bad-feeded, but strong, but in the myths -they change- sometimes is depicted as full of air, similar to a Gorila, or the "Cabrón", wich was a middle-age spanish myth, of as well a guardina of wizards...
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