Water Dragon Picture

I'm a hypocrite. Now about this pic.

The other day I was watching the History Channel and they had this thing on dragons on... Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of the European dragons. Or most dragons. They're rather a bit... clunky, yeah? But I've always liked the serpentine Far Eastern dragons. And then the show mentioned some Japanese myth about a water dragon or something, and this little guy started to form (little is quite the right word, really, he's quite tall). Sort of a flowy watery guy instead of fire. Maybe he shoots water or something, I don't know. And he has antlers because he does.

Back to hypocrisy. I'm not a big fan of fantasy. Like, I usually despise it. I'd go into it, but I don't feel like it, suffice to say sci-fi is where it's at for me. The closest I get is mythology, which I consider a sepearte genre from fantasy for my own reasons. So, with this pic, I'll freely admit that I'm a hypocrite. Even if I consider this guy mythology.

I looked at some refs online, I think I typed "Chinese Dragons" into Google and just looked at the overall junk... I don't draw these things often, okay?


This water dragon © Me
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