Thor and Loki Picture

My half of an art trade with ~JakobDailes finally!! I've been thumbnailing this since October, I'm sorry it took so long! ;n; I tried so many compositions I got frustrated and before I knew it it was exam time, and right after exams the Christmas rush hit and I got horribly sick and couldn't bring myself to work on such a project. X_x It's finally done now though!

He asked for Thor and Loki adventuring, so I poked around the eddas for ideas. This is one of my favourite Norse myths- essentially, Loki and Thor have to perform some feats for their host in order to stay the night. Loki attempts an eating contest and Thor has to pick up a cat... both turn out to be harder than they look. >W<

I hope you like it! I'm sorry it took so long! ;w;

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