K.A.S. Kayundjin Picture

Name: Kayundjin

Factions: Rogue

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Kaiju Rank: 4


Height: 60 meters

Length: 25 meters

Weight: 20,000 tons


Cold Fire: Kayundjin’s ‘flame’ is actually quite cold, regularly under sub-zero temperatures. Anything coming into contact with it often deep freezes within seconds, though the larger and hotter the object the longer it takes.

High Density: Kayundjin’s body is composed of an unknown, ancient metal alloy that is strong enough to endure intense buffeting from man and kaiju alike. It’s been dubbed ‘Cryoid’ due to its resemblance to ice.

Teleportation: Kayundjin has baffled those targeting him many a time by simply disappearing from the area, often reappearing miles away. Like many of his abilities, how this functions is unknown.

Telepathy: Kayundjin can communicate through mental contact. When in the urn, the distance and effectiveness is limited, best seen in physical contact. When out, he is much more capable of speaking over vast distances.

Levitation: Somehow, Kayundjin is in a state of constant levitation, with little effort needed for the height and pressure.

Inorganic body: Not bearing vital organs and other various things of an organic nature, Kayundjin is able to do many things that organic beings could not.


Gale-Force Winds: Kayundjin’s flame is often weakened in instances of high wind speed, most often in hurricanes and typhoons. While this does weaken him, it also quickly lowers the temperature of the nearby area to well below freezing, often granting him an advantage in the long term.

Low Fire Resistance: Kayundjin shows low resistance to fire based attacks. Both kaiju and Mecha alike have successful torched him into submission.

Itty-Bitty living space: Perhaps the greatest secret of Kayundjin is his method of ‘containment’ in the small urn he was first discovered in. When it is opened, no matter where on earth he is, it is only a matter of seconds until he is back inside. Attempts to destroy the urn have been made, but none have proven successful.

Personality: Kayundjin is a crafty being, often feigning benevolence while secretly plotting his own gains. He has acquired, through centuries of contact with people, intsnsive skill at manipulation, turning people into doing what he wanted in the guise of doing their bidding. What he often wants. . . is nothing more than destruction.

History: Kayundjin came as a surprise to most of the world, as he had absolutely nothing to do with the Earth Hollows in the least.

Kayundjin was originally the work of an ancient, forgotten race of man that lived in the mythical land of Shangri la, a group of people from Mu that had decided to pursue more simple, mystical interests. They had attempted creation of artificial life before, but little had been done, and most was without success. One man, whose name shall never be known, created Kayundjin through unknown methods, but all that is known is that Kayundjin is responsible entirely for its destruction, he himself claiming he left ‘no traces, leaving the world nothing but imaginary images of it.” He revealed no more details, and thus the story has been deemed sketchy at best.

The urn containing Kayundjin was found in the Mediterranean weeks after the massive worldwide earthquake, believed to have been stored in a sunken Greek temple. The urn was found on a private beach by an oil tycoon. When he opened it, the giant appeared in a burst of cold fog, offering his thanks and ‘a chance to return the favor.’ The tycoon asked him if he was one of ‘those genies from old fairy tales.’ Kayundjin played along with the man’s questions, prompting him into believing every half-baked tale he knew of, from three wishes to not being able to bring back the dead (which he really couldn’t). The man requested, in a moment of greed, if he could ‘become the richest man in the Mediterranean.’ Kayundjin inquired how he was to do this, and the man responded, 'any way you can, even if you have to eliminate the competition.' Kayundjin was gone before another word could leave his mouth.

Over the next few days, there were reports of intense oil tanker shipwrecks across the sea, with ships ripped to shreds, zero survivors, and the strangest part of all, floes of frozen oil across the sea. This completely baffled investigators, oil was not easily frozen without aid of chemicals.

Then, one survivor was found, a sailor who had fallen overboard before the attack happened. He described it as 'otherworldly, with a ghostly form appearing out of a deep, sudden fog, tearing the ship with monstrous icy claws and horrid freezing blazes. But that wasn't what was on the tycoon's mind when he saw the clip in his corporate office. For him, all that mattered was that the man was a survivor of one of HIS tankers. Outraged, he decided to destroy the urn and, with it, destroy the deceitful demon.

"Waste not the time, o master."

The tycoon turned to face the icy voice, who was inside the room out of seemingly nowhere, and even more shocking at his own size. The tycoon angrily inquired why he had done what he did.

"And what did I do?" the icy wraith flatly asked, staring into space while grinding two of his claw tips together. The tycoon continued to fume at the spirit, saying he had 'broken the deal.' At that, Kayundjin laughed, and then grew to full size while inside the room, crumbling the top of the building into dust. He began to ruthlessly destroy the mans entire legacy, the only words of explanation being 'you shouldn't take old tales to heart so much. They tend to get less truthful over time.'

The oil headquarters was annihilated, with no evidence of terrorism or arson. The only piece that was recovered, by a local firefighter, was a strange urn, shut tight.

Thus the cycle began.

Over the months, Kayundjin fell into many hands through his own means, destroying one life secretly at a time. The people were diverse, from a firefighter that jumped from his high rise apartment window to a homeless man that died in his sleep, to a government official killed by gang gunfire in the streets.

But then, he fell into the hands of the head of a shipping company based on the Great Lakes, that requested him to 'eliminate' the kaiju Mishipizhew that had caused him much grief since the emergence of the kaiju a short time before. He agreed to this, but found the lynx to be too much of a match, especially when the stone guardian Tamotahn arrived on the scene as well, which left him abandoned in his urn in the bottom of a Mississippi river cargo ship. He had failed, and lost the trust he so needed to use, and feared he would have to endure millennia in the infernal urn again, the one thing he feared more than anything.

But, he was discovered by a group of New Orleans thugs, who attempted to make use of him again, eventually leading to a small scale city war in the torn up town. The people feared the beast that turned friend against friend, but then something happened he did not expect.

In the night, at a point when he was in the urn 'in transit' as he had come to call it, he was whisked away to the headquarters of an international crime syndicate. The people taking him seemed immune to his enticing words, so he decided to wait it out and see what awaited him.

The urn was suddenly opened, and Kayundjin found himself in a dark, windowless room, a lone man standing before him. He called himself 'Mr. Pandora' and offered Kayundjin a proposition. He had been aware of the djinn kaiju for some time, and had figured out the methods the giant seemed to work with, and he had a way of making the both of them happy.

The deal was simple. He would play nice for a while and actually work to grant some simple wishes, these people would be plants provided by Pandora of course. Then, with the acclaim built from the accounts, people all over the world would line up to use him themselves. At that point, the urn would be auctioned to a bidder willing to pay, and, being told he was only good for three wishes, would return him to Pandora when done out of fear for mob retaliation. The cycle would repeat itself, Mr. Pandora getting hefty sums of money, and Kayundjin working for people that wanted him to do what he did best, so it would save him the trouble of being deceitful.

Kayundjin laughed aloud, stating, "Well crafted, I must say. But, if you know of me already, then of course. . . you are aware I have a nasty habit of betraying the people I work with."

Mr. Pandora responded as calmly as could be, as though he saw the statement coming. "Indeed, that would be a problem for most people. Only problem with that is. . ." He walked up withing inches of the icy beings stone-like face.

"I'm not most people."

Kayundjin would have smiled if he could. He liked the mans attitude, it reminded him of his own, and the idea of destroying for people who wanted him to seemed easier than alibi after alibi.

"I'll go along with this, so long as it suits me." He said, with a tone of voice usually associated with a malicious smirk. Mr. Pandora walked back to his desk, pouring glass of champagne and stating, "Trust me, I know enough people to keep you entertained for a looooong while." He took a sip. . .

Only to find the glass frozen.

"Never trust a monster, my friend. Remember that. . ."


This was an idea that hit me pretty recently, but I loved it immediately. This is the KAS take on my Fiery Ice Creator god Kayundjin, who I have to say, was fun to change around.

I needed a good villain, and this one struck me as a good idea. One thing I am trying to do is create monsters in KAS that have a lot to do with people. Sheymir is worshipped by the Chinese, and Unum is a political tool, so I figured, why not go with a mercenary kaiju that is auctioned to the mob regularly? This way, people would see him as a more personal threat, though not for long, in fact he may just be in your hands next. . .

He emerges before most of the other kaiju do, but he isn't known as a kaiju to the world until his defeat at the hands and paws of Mizzy and Tamo, which left him with a bitter grudge towards kaiju kind.

Shangri la was a fun bit of research and later ideas. Given their mythical nature I decided to make them a sort of fanatical religious group exiled from the more commonly known Mu. I didn't explain it in the bio, but one member of the exile's was not exiled for fanaticism, but rather maniacal tendencies. I'll show more on him later when I show one of my 5's. He basically created Kayundjin with ancient Mu'an technology, and told him to 'erase the civilization of Shangri la from memory' out of hate. Naturally, he killed his maker, and fell into the hands of many famous rulers, from Solomon to Alexander the Great, and subsequently ruined their lives, Alexander locking him in the urn in a hidden temple that sank to the bottom of the Mediterranean, where he stayed until the hollow-quake.

Design-wise, he was a neat change. I made him more 'awesome' and 'mythological' than the symbolic look I went with for the original. So, I made him look something more akin to the djinn of myth, glowy eyes, smokeless flame, and a tough looking torso. The gray fire was mostly just a creative direction choice, I found it neat, myself.

Alright, that covers good, evil, and neutral from me, so now I'll be getting more creative with the story as it exists now.
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