Elvish Priestess of the Woods Picture

Elvish Priestess of the Woodlands,
"Blessed be to the Honour of the Old Ways"

"The elf or alf was derived from Teutonic origin. Description of the elves varied from author to author and from one period to another. The elves were introduced into the Celtic folklore in the later tradition.
According to the Norse myths, there are two groups or tribes of elves.
The light-elves, known as ljásálfar, lived in the world called Alfheim, which the Vanir god Freyr ruled. The light-elves were seen as fair.
To the Norse tradition, the elves were spirits or minor deities of the woodland or household. In later Germanic folklore, the elves had changed – becoming diminutive in size, like the Celtic counterpart of the fairies.
It was this tradition as household spirits, that the elves were later given in Germanic and Celtic folklore traditions. The closest thing that the Celtic people had to the elves were the ellyll from Welsh tradition."
(From TimelessMyths [link] )

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