Jolt Drive Picture

my transformersona! jolt drive is a young cybertornian pop idol and transforms into a c7 Z06 purple 2015 corvette. she has avery cute voice and loves to travel. unlike my other transformer ocs, she doesn't have an accent outside America. she's half american and austrlian but her accent is (east) american. she is netural but is completely fine with it. her main concern is for the war to finally end but due to her passion, she decides not to get involved. she suffers asperger's syndrome and everyone she meets knows this. she is actually very popular. her favourite color is (obviously) purple but really any shade she's ok with. she has a little brother named long range who she loves very much and an older sister who was adopted named road ranger. jolt looks uo to monochrome, her faveorite idol, before monochrome passed 3 years before jolt became an idol. jolt also loves astronomy and mythology. she'll read books about the stars and Greek myths for ages if she could. she's also beginning to learn languages other than English such as Russian, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Finnish and German.

jolt belongs to me and this picture of her belongs to me.
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