Mystic Existance Picture

Mystic Existence


Human is part of nature, and nature is being. The connection and also atmosphere with outside world is really important for human existence. Human reflect with atmosphere as naturalistic, geographic or cultural reality. Ethnic culture helps to keep the simple world conception and the relations with nature.
Chosen work object - human transformation in the water. The object of the project determined my work purpose: to create collection of two photos called "Mystic Existence" and to motivate it theoretically, appreciate relation between human and nature i. e. water appeal to archaic Lithuanian mythology and folklore. Word "mistika", an english world "mist" has the meaning of brume, fog. These words specify the conception of my creative work, which is called "Mystic Existence"
Nevertheless, it is essential for contemporary society to understand the deep meaning of symbol, myth, and ritual, because human will just fully realize existence beginning, world and people genesis, features and fortunes, life meanings and purposes, then he will discover himself.

/BA Final Project 2009
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