Celtic death godesses:Nemain Picture

Drawn on the bus, between classes annd during certain classes in many short lapses so don't bother me with the looks.
Anyway, 'tis Nemain, for people who don't know, she's one of the four celtic death godesses. This one represents Frenzy, she used her spells on the battlefield to make the fighters crazy. Now i guess you wonder why she looks like that here heh? Well, all four of the godesses could transform into crows and go on the shoulders of the dying, and all four did appear before fighter going to war as a "lavandière"(somekind of cloth cleaning girl), washing the bloodstained clothes of the mans who were going to die. Now she's doing this scene cuz i wanted at least one of the four to do it and most of all, i didn't knew all four did that when i started the pic.

Message to mythology masters here: the info i got is an amalgamate of a few books so don't tell me it's wrong, there's many different interpretations of celts myths.

Made with mah clickster HB all the way baby.
about 7 hours spreaded over weeks.
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