"Kingdom Luv" Picture

This is the 2nd entry for Archi “LUV” contest.

This one taking the set on Kingdom period, when Java island is still rulled by many Kingdoms, including Sunda Kingdom wich ruled western part of the Island.

I depict Andika as a Sunda Kingdom crown prince. Inspired by King Siliwangi (Sribaduga Maharaja) who reign in the late of 15th century. According to the myth, he wasn't dead but incarnate to the mythical creature called “Maung Lodaya” (many describe it as a huge white tiger). That's why i put the tiger on the pic.

While Nalika, is intended to b a Pohaci, another deities in sundanese mythology. Goddess who controll women world. Some say that a queen of Sundanese Kingdom is an incarnation of Pohaci.

Together this young couple, will rule the Kingdom in harmony.

Another info:
The clothes they ware are “batik”, our authentic traditional clothes, with variety of motives. I chose Parang motive, coz its originally made for a noble, fit to the chara.

The script (bottom right) i use, is Sundanese sript, it means “LUV” in latin.

The hanging plant is “sirih” (betel vine), has a warm taste. Symbol of warm feeling in a relationship between man and woman.

That's 4 the explan, thanx hope u like it.....
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