D.compose Picture

*from the files of Dr. Liquidator*

the inhumanoid known as D.compose is the one crwature that absolutly can not be explain in the relm of science. his ability to turn liveing creatures into undead creatures that he can control is something out of a horrer movie and could only be supernatural in origin. myths and legends of the D.compose creature can be found in the oldest recorded human history up untill the 16th centurey when he was contain in an amber block by the Redwoods. there are storys that fallow of people actualy seeking out a gold stone in the carpathian mountans in the hope of finding inmortality. one indavidual beleaved to have found the stone and was curupted by it was Elizabeth Bathory, who soposedly contracted her blood lust from kissing this stone. it is obvious to me and the rest of Earth Corp that D.compose is the source of all undead legends. and the type of undead seems to be at his descresion aswell, as in the case of Sandra Shoure who after being touched by D.compose became more vampire like with little signs of death wre as others have roted to the point of exposed flesh. straingly enough no matter how decayed the victom is the are retured to normal by the simple touch of sunlight. the only theory i can compile as to D.compose's origins is based on very old mythology. i curently beleave that he was one of the fiurst sentiant creatures to evolve on earth. when the end of his life came he refused death so absolutly that his soul remain in the mortal plain untill he was able to reform a body from the remains of long dead creatures. unlife now so strong in him he is able to empart it upon others. my coliges, however, do not subscribe to this theory beleaveing it to be unprofesional to jump to such conclusions.
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