Ishtar Picture

This is a detailed color drawing depicting the goddess Ishtar. She is the goddess of Love, Passion, and War in Babylonian and Sumerian myths, legends, and spiritual / religious traditions. She is neither truly evil nor truly good, and her rivalry with her sister Ereshkigal is the stuff of legends. Ishtar was tortured and slain by her sister Ereshkigal when she descended into the Netherworld to challenge her. She was thereafter raised from the dead, and when she rose up from the Land of No Return she liberated souls who were trapped by Ereshkigal and took them with her when she returned to Heaven, at least in the most popular version of that particular myth. Ishtar is the equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the Roman goddess Venus. Her symbol was the morning star, always depicted as a star with eight rays or arrows. Ereshkigal is the direct equivalent to the Greek goddess Persephone and the Roman goddess Proserpine. I depicted Ishtar here in her glorified, resurrected form as a goddess of Light and Life, the opposite of her sister, the goddess of Death. The black tears she is weeping are for the souls trapped by her sister, whom she in this image is about to set free. The skull on her brow symbolizes her triumph over death, and the heart on her shoulder stands for love. Ishtar is also known as Inanna, which is actually the older form of her name.
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