Egyptian gods as children Picture

This a picture I finished at the weekend. It is one of my favourite drawings because the background looks better than normal and it has my love for Egyptian mythology.

From left to right:

The wife and sister of Set and sister to Osiris and Isis. Like Isis, she is the protecter of the dead.

The lord of the desert and god of destruction, storm clouds, thunder and lighting. In popular egyptian myth, Set was jealous of his brother because everybody loved him more than Set. He betrayed his brother, Osiris and murdered him. He was eventually defeated by the son of Osiris and Isis, Horus.

The god of Resurrection, both of growing things, which springs to life again after the winter, and of human life which is renewed after death. Osiris was one of the most well-loved and most worshipped god.
In popular egyptian myth, he was murdered by his brother, Set.

A much loved goddess who was often appealed to for protection. She was the wife and sister of Osiris.
In popular egyptian myth, she brought her husband back to life after he was murdered. She is often shown spreading her huge protective wings.

Yep, I'm a Myth geek
Anyways, I drew what I thought the gods and goddesses would look like when they were children. (Hey, they must of been young once too, right?)

They're just relaxing here outside the palace steps. Isis is pulling faces (At Set of course), Osiris (being a nice child) wants Set to join in a game they are about to play or something.

Set, on the other hand, is giving Osiris the "HOW OLD DO YOU THINK I AM? I'M NOT A BABY WHO'LL PLAY STUPID KID GAMES WITH YOU" look. However, I think he's pondering whether or not to lose the big man act and go and play anyway.

Nephthys is quite happy sitting on the steps, playing with Set's tail.

The God and Goddesses are not mine and were worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians.
However, this design is copyrighted to me.

Once again, I'm sorry for the quality of the photo.
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