Team Gallows App V.2 Picture

Ta-dah! Fancy new application!
Edit: ...I don't konw why the date is pink and off to the side like that...Ugh I'll fix that later tired....
Edit: New accesories useing the vouchers from M4 and M5! Also new memeber I need to finish their E6 *headesk*
Marie The Nidoran
A hyper little ball of energy, this nidoran is almost always manages to have a big smile on her face. She looks at the world in a bright and positive manner; some might be mistaken to say naive. Although she may not look it Marie can be surprisingly cunning at times and has managed to get her team out of (or into) trouble at times. She met Zyox a few years back after getting badly injured in the desert. There at the ruins Marie slowly got better, although at first Zyox just wanted her to leave and be left to mope. But the nidoran just kept BUGGING him and refused to return home only repeating "No I can't ever go back never!" whenever asked. Eventually the yamask warmed up to her. One faithful day they discovered about the guilds overseas from Zyox's old friend Legend a Sigilyph eager to get the two of them moving forward, perhaps these guilds could help? After much debate Marie and Zyox eventually settled upon the Rogue guild. Marie looks up to Zyox and depends on him, she believes as a team they should do things together and hates it when Zyox wants to leave her behind because something is "too dangerous" or even if it's better for her health to stay behind she is rather stubborn.
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