All the Snakes Picture

Duihoatl's family tree, or at least all of his ancestors (and one descendant) who hold the "Lord of All Gods" title. From my story The History of the Four Worlds, which contains a mixture of various mythologies so not all gods taken from myth and legend may be exactly as they are in said myth and legend (though I try to research as much as I can).

Quetzalcoatl. King, Emperor, Lord of All Gods. The First Thought. Rainbow Serpent. The feathered snake. Scales are a gorgeous rainbow, feathers are shiny black. Prefers simple metallic jewelry to mark his status, nothing too fancy. Kind and intelligent and one of the original creators of the worlds.

Tzuhoatl. The second Lord of All Gods. Based on Diamondback Rattlesnake. Like his father, prefers simple jewelry to anything ostentatious or flashy. Rarely wears metals or gemstones beyond his crown and a turquoise or two. A little bit more of a warrior than his father, but this does not effect his rule much.

Duihoatl. The third Lord of All Gods. The Great Tyrant. Based on Emerald Tree Boa. Very dangerous and conniving. Absolutely adores gems, jewels, precious metals, decorative feathers. Was known as a bit of a trickster before he was handed the title, but afterwards he revealed his true nature and ruled the worlds with an iron fist. He even tried to kill off his own heir.

Azuhoatl. The Son of the Tyrant. Based on the Sunbeam Snake. Tossed out of the Land of the Gods by his father, Duihoatl, in an attempted murder. His rainbow-iridescent scales remind many people of his great grandfather, Quetzalcoatl; a reminder that his father took as a warning omen, thus the attempted murder.
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