Brisingr Picture

SPOILER ALERT! Do Not Read unless you finished the book!

Does anyone know how to do a preview image?

"....Instead, the sword Eragon saw on the bench was a magnificent as Zar'roc, Naegling, and Tamerlein and, in his opinion, more beautiful than any of them. Covering the blade was a glossy scabbard of the same dark blue as the scales on Saphira's back.The color displayed a slight veriegation, like the mottled light at the bottom of a clear forest pond.

....The curved crossguard was also made of blued brightsteel, as were the four ribs that held in place the large sappire that formed the promel.

....Like the rest of the sword, the blade was blue, but of a slightly lighter shade; it was the blue of the scales in the hollow of Saphira's throat rather then the blue of those one her back."

Brisingr, pg 679 by Chrisopher Paolini

Alright, I know it's not exact, but this is what I could do with limited colors. Also....I wasn't sure what the scabbard if it's not there....that's why. But anyway. The calligraphy is from my old caligraphy book that was lying around gathering dust...alot of dust. It's called Flourished Italic Hand...I messed up on the I's the only one that's close is the one in Fire. I thought it looked better then the Unical, which my Myth & Legend Teacher used to put 'Norse Mythology'(Since Chris uses old Norse for the A.L.) on our Norse Myth test...if I get the change I'll upload the test sheet which has 'Brisingr' on it in some of the Calibric alphabets....

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