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If there's anything I like better than studying mythology and civilization in general, it's Philippine Mythology.... Being Filipino, and a Culture fan you'd study that above EVERYTHING else, even if you follow the Jewish religion as a Gentile...

Bathala is well... the Chief Sky and Lightning God of the Tagalog animistic folk lore. He is also regarded as the Creator Chief God in various versions of the story. Mytherium started out when I wrote fanfictions about Philippine Mythology, Bathala was the core inspiration, his character in various myths is interesting. My primary liking in folk lore was not the creatures, it was always "What was the pantheon of the culture?"

Bathala's design is that he has a pair of stony crab like insectoid tentacle appendages from his back bone, that shit is not in the Mythology, based on the Bathala drawing that had his hair extend long.

In Mytherium, Philippines, rather than be called Philippines is now the Islands of "Chryse" according to idiot Greek Traders from India that have shitty naming.

Here is a cool creation myth

"Aman Sinaya and Bathala were rivals. They would pit their powers against one another - Aman Sinaya sent tempests into the sky and Bathala retaliated by hurling giant boulders from the mountaintops. These boulders would create the Philippine archipelago.

Amihan decided to put a stop to the conflict by takign the form of a bird and flying back and forth between the two dieties' realms, bringing them together.

Bathala planted a bamboo plant on the ocean floor as a sign of friendship. One day, Amihan heard voices from within and she pecked at the trunk, which split. The first man, Malakas(“strong”) and the first woman, Maganda (“beautiful”), emerged from the split bamboo. Amihan bore them to one of the islands where they built a house and had millions of children who would populate the world. When these children became too numerous to control, Bathala advised Malakas and Maganda to mete out discipline so the two dealt the children blows with wooden spoons.

In terror, the children started to run away. The ones who hid under bamboo tables became slaves. The ones who hid inside the cauldrons got blackened by the soot and became the Aetas. The ones who climbed onto the rooftops became the datus. The ones who climbed to the treetops became the commoners. The ones who fled to the mountains became hunters. Finally, the ones who fled to the seashores became fishermen." Copied from a website as most sources agree here.

In the Creation Myth summary, Bathala and the Goddess Aman Sinaya were bitching and moaning and fighting for no reason. Throwing Lightning and Storms at each other, later Amihan scared the shit out of them and had them both befriended. Not long after Bathala and Aman Sinaya have some sort of closeted sexual inter course. Seriously, if Bathala is the Sky and Aman Sinaya is the sea, then Bathala "planted" a "seed" in her then... wat... use your imagination and tell me you're not reading a porn fic here. I think Filipino Villagers were sugar coating the myth for a reason.
Because Filipinos are not descendants of Abraham, they are a result of Celestial Horny Allegory Sex between two Divinities.

(C) Mytherium - Me

In spite of this being an old 10 month drawing, I can't help but say that I still really like this piece. As if I drew it a second ago, but I have not drawn Bathala in quite a while so you never really know. I'll compare him to my new progress.

- Bathala also doesn't have feet, God-Damned a4 paper, I'm too lazy to manage and tape another piece of paper on another since I fail at that. Anywho, I will one day update his feet (Never did that in ONE FUCKING YEAR!)

- Some theory that Indonesians ripped off Bathala, in Batak Indonesian Mythology there is a Chief God called "Batara Guru" who some scholars think is Bathala in Indonesia. Whether or not Philippines stole Bathala from Batak or vice versa, it calls for copyright issues. ,…

- Bathala came to become identified with the Hebrew God by the Spaniards arrival in 16th century ad, he became synonymous and basically went GO GO POWER RANGERS COMBINED with Jesus Christ...

In one myth he actually considered flooding the world for Humans being evil but changed his mind and instead used Storm clouds to Scare humans into Robots, opposite of the Noah's flood.

-Drawing is also ten months old -.- you can see the sketch all over Bathala and etc.

In modern filipino sayings, "Bahala Na" vaguely means leave it to God.


Adam: Is this the Obscure Filipino God reduced to being identified with Jesus Fucking Christ in a Third World Country that worships America 24/7?
Bathala: Put your money where your mouth is... You're just a Fankid, I'm an ancient God people revered.
*Strikes Adam with Lightning*
Adam: *dodges the Divine Lightning* I NEED HELP!!! HELP!
Bathala: It's because of YOU that PhD became a Gumball fan and stopped being Original, stopped his enthusiasm for studying Civilization and the end of our Universe!
Adam: 0.0 surely we can settle this... right??

Mytherium and TiwoG-G3 Crossover script I recently wrote, It's ironic since Bathala started my Mythology and Culture enthusiasm and now I don't care about Mytherium because of fucking Amazing world of Gumball.


Enough of that, time for what Bathala is in Mytherium....

Bathala is the leader of the United Pantheon Council of the Philippines, (Philippine mythology is diverse due to islands and tribal diversity) the most powerful Philippine God, God of Earth, Lightning, Fate and Humanity. He is distant to Humans and he assigns Ancestral Spirits to guide Humans and all that Dumb Shit... He has relations with Gods from Japan, China, Indonesia and other pantheons of the Far East Asia.

He is at odds with Jesus who constantly tries to Brain wash his people 24/7, things are different in Mytherium as Christianity is still top gun but not that top gun.... Everyone hates the Roman Empire, from China, to Aztec to Egypt.

Michael and Bathala fights in one of my scripts but I didn't think it would be interesting have a ISRAEL VERSUS PHILIPPINES bullshit event going on. Because it's bullshit and makes no sense.

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