Ekwensu, The Trickster Picture

For one of my finals I created this game called "Phase be to God". It was basically all about story telling through drawing and performance. The theme that I used was Nigerian (specifically Igbo) myth, and I interpreted some of the Alusi

Alot of these are departures from their traditional imagery. Additionally, their descriptions are definitely inspired by their origins (so there is some accuracy/overlap, but some of the backstory I just made up). I kind of ~breathed in their essence~ and then ~exhaled it into the canvas~

In-game mythology:
This is Ekwensu, The Tester
Ekwensu is a trickster god of bargains. He is crafty at trade and negotiations, and is often invoked for guidance in difficult mercantile situations. Ekwensu does not necessarily want to trick others; he just wants to test others by always providing “alternative options”.

His negotiation skills extend towards matters of War and Victory. By constantly tricking others, he understands and rules of the forces of Chaos and Change. His trickery and bargaining skills have no bounds, and he is often trying to test the other gods. Some humans often misinterpret him as a satanic god, due to his questionable presentation of unexpected choices.

Sacred Prompt: Ekwensu favors mystery, imagery that pushes the envelope, and cunning story telling.

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