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Valhalla Volume 10: Gudernes Gaver/Gifts For The Gods
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The next volume begins here! This chap here is Madson's version of Loki, and this story is a "Loki Tricks People" story! Madson's Loki mostly only differs from the mythological Loki in appearance, which he took artistic license with. Original Loki didn't have much consistant description but it was at least made clear that in addition to being a scrawny coward he was also super pretty, clean shaven and ginger. Madson!Loki is portrayed as being just as flirty but seen as ugly instead, and as you can see- cliche evil dude goatee.
On one hand it gives him a distinctive appearance and works well with his multitude of silly faces, on the other hand it perpetuates an annoying habit I've seen amoungst multiple media of giving him black hair and making him 'look the part' as the evil guy. (Even if he was never really 'the evil guy' in the myths.)
In addition, so far Madson has played things as if Loki is an Aesir (god) or at least everyone believes that. Unknown if it'll ever be brought up as a surprise twist, but needless to say in the original stories he was a Jotunn and everyone knew he was a Jotunn. This change has a few knock-on effects, like making him crossdress as a hideous woman for the 'wedding episode' instead of just shapeshifting into a believeable one. (Well, it was funnier this way!) He's also gained a sack of magical animal skins to justify his shifting in the myths- originally it was only Freya who had a magic falcon skin and Loki borrowed it once. (It was unexplained why he couldn't shapeshift on his own for this one story and is just taken as a continuity fail by scholars.)
Anyway, Loki. There ya go.

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