KAS K Concept Picture

UPDATE: Add more minor details, messed around with some of the colors and lighting, and such to make the design more visually interesting.

Taking a Break from Yokai for a bit, I had a sudden creative urge to draw and well, and two hours later, K is done.

KAS K has gone through quiet a journey, from shoddy V for Vendetta self-insert to essentially counteract the sheer influx of wannabe KAS Justice Leagues in KAS and not nearly enough villains, at the time, he was the 'hero' KAS deserved, but now, not the one it needs.

K has also gone through a myriad of retcons, but most of them never getting on paper or simply applying to his SW counterpart.

For K's current story in KAS, the individual is a mystery. Showing up suddenly to the world to commit a wide-scale terrorist attack on the Vatican and murdering many of its cardinals and even the current pope for reasons unknown. Prior to this, no one know where he came from although 'sightings' of such an individual go back for years, often appearing in war zones all over the globe. His goals and agenda is his own and no one can figure out what his end game is.

While it is agreed his is human, no one can figure out who he is, how old he is, where he is from, or any other additional information. Some state he is a disgruntled soldier with a vendetta against society. Some say he is a left-over from the Four Nations or an even older civilization. Others say he's a psychopath who got lucky. What is known however is he is one hell of a enigma sensitive with some 'practice' with 'Magic' often combining it with more traditional combat tactics to hunt down and utterly destroy his quarry. His most defining magic however is the ability to project an entire myriad of weapons, whats startling however, is that they are very, very accurate 'replicas' of the legendary artifacts that resurface time and time again in mythology as well as any other 'weapon' he gets his hands on he is able to quickly replicate and project into existence. (shamelessly stolen from F/SN, Projection magic is fucking awesome, yo.) Most Magi are startled by this due to the fact that such skill with Projection would take CENTURIES of specialization and refinement before even considering trying to replicate a weapon or artifact of the power of a Legendary Weapon.

However there is one item of which is apparently not a projection and is the real deal: 'The Mantle of the Hashashin' which is one of the rare 'legendary artifacts' that resurface time and time again in myth. The Mask and Mantle essentially being known as the 'True Assassin's Mantle' and those who wear it gain a conceptual edge of 'never being caught', at the cost of obscuring ones identity and stipping away ones very existence until the man is no longer there, but instead the mythology about the 'uncaught killer' and 'ideal' to grow. It was once said to have been worn by Hassan-i-Sabbah before fading away into history. Given the very nature of the mantle and mask it is incredibly difficult to discern past owners in history or mythology. Some say Jack the Ripper wore it (no, I don't believe the recent 'discovery' of his 'identity' either, its a claim to fame grab to sell books, like every other supposed 'identity of jack the ripper' documentary ever.) and it extends to a myriad of uncaught modern serial killers. The person wearing the mantle gradually loses their very concept of identity as they become more and more of an 'idea' or mythology outright until they finally fade away into non-existence.

Now, K here is tricky, as he wears the Mantle with no-ill side-effects.
Is it because the Mantle is a projected fake? He's very, very, good at hiding it? No one knows for sure who or what this man is for that matter.

In addition, his being able to get from one corner of the globe to another in a relatively short amount of time is baffling to authorities especially when there is no record of any particular individual traveling between those locations, Add to this his equipment he carries (which would get him detained at damn near every border crossing) makes his entire existence baffling as a person like this SHOULD for all intents and purposes be caught or at the very least be sighted traveling. Now this leads one to assume this is the mantle at work, but for the most part, but that does not explain what his method of travel is.

In short. The existence that is K is one mystery after another mystery to a point he might as well be a walking jig-saw puzzle where no piece seems to fit with another piece. Only time well tell what his end game is and maybe, just maybe, some clues as to who or what he is will surface.

Retcons with K:
-DSU No Longer Exists in KAS. K's aggression redirected elsewhere.
-Memetron no longer in K's possession.
-Entire Personality Shift to seperate him from his canon counterpart.
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