Kuchisake Onna Picture

Watercolor. Just a little doodle I did when I was bored. Okay, so I recently read up on some Japanese mythology, and it was absolutely fascinating (and freakin' terrifying). My favorite demon was Kuchisake Onna, the slit mouthed woman.

Story time! *Lights pipe and sits in armchair before the fire* Now, there was once a samurai who had a very beautiful but vain concubine. One day he discovered that she was being unfaithful. In a rage, he slit her mouth from ear to ear and screamed, "Who will find you beautiful now?!" Now, legend has it that this woman still wanders the streets of Japan-- especially on foggy nights-- wearing a surgical mask (common in Japan) to cover her mouth. She approaches people and coyly asks, "Watashi wa kirei desu ka?" (Am I beautiful?) When they answer, she rips off her surgical mask to show her hideous mouth and screams, "Do you find me beatiful now?!" She then stabs her victim to death with a knife or pair of scissors.

...Good stuff. It's by far the creepiest of the Japanese myths I've found.
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