Legend of Spankerus Picture

Cover art I threw together for a Mythology Project.

We had to create an orginal Myth for the class, and then create a game/ film premise utilizing the usual hero/shadow herald/trickster archetypes. My group decided to just make a game out of our myth from the earlier project.

In that myth, after spending hours working out a neat story and such- we were all so tired when it came time for naming, that our supreme creator ended up being named 'Spankerus'.


Anywho- this depicts the main character 'Bal'Gis' and his trusty sidkick Crak (based off a DnD Kobold sketch). In the sky is the Great Dragon Titan (the basis of the story), and in the background are the Moutains of the fire nation that the dragon and Bal'Gis hail from, as well as the Cog City.
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