Loi: The Goddess of Tattoos Picture

Made for the Myths-and-Legends Group contest "Modern Gods" [link]

The name Loi is inspired by the Ancient Greek mythology of the Daktyloi, which means Finger (same base as dexterous). They were three beings who were responsible for working metals, botany, medicine, music, and sorcery. As tattoos use metal (needles), botany (vegetable inks?), and medicine and tend to be inspired by music and magic it seems logical to derive a name from them for a Tattoo Goddess.

Loi is a goddess who watches over tattoo artists and healing tattoos. Her right forearm is covered with images of the many hearts she has influenced and the left depicts the artistic hands that look to her for inspiration. Her legs are covered in the many healing wounds she takes from her followers upon herself so that her followers can have quick healing tattoos. The rest of her body is tattooed with constantly changing imagery; mostly tools (like needles, gloves, disinfectant, bandages, etc.) and tattoo inspiration.

Edit: Even after playing around with the contrast of the image, the background still looked weak so I put it in photoshop and added a new background.
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