Culture Shock concept art- Serakon Picture

The Serakon are an ancient alien race from a world somewhere in the galactic core. They evolved from long-bodied, eight-limbed organisms dwelling in sub-tropical to tropical plains and steppes. The front pair of limbs have evolved into a pair of arms, while the other three pairs have evolved into wings.
The Serakon are one of only two flying sapient races featured in the setting (the other flying race are the Sepher'engelik: [link]).
The wings, arms and the entire back of the body bear a coating of structures that are evolutionarily convergent with feathers on Earth, performing the exact same functions- insulation and assistance in flying.
The Serakon have two pairs of eyes. They have no teeth but instead have teeth-like extensions of the jaws.

Serakon civilisation dates back at least several hundred thousand years, and they were one of the powerful ancient races. The Serakon have not been seen since around 10 000 BCE, meaning they are either extinct or are all in some uncharted region of the galaxy.
Like the Sepher'engelik, the Serakon are partly responsible for myths of angels and other winged beings on both Earth and many other worlds. (NOTE: The design of the Serakon is based both on ancient descriptions of the Seraphim in Hebrew mythology and of feathered serpents in Mesoamerican mythology).

Finally, yes I know the wings don't look so good. I suck at drawing any kind of wing.
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