The Valkyrie Picture

Well...easy enough...for those who don't know, I love the nature of the myth of the Valkyries almost as much as I love Pirates and Thieves.

So I felt like drawing one...

Only, I decided to take a quasi-traditional approach.

Not a lot of fancy designer details and such, but a simple spear and wooden shield as well as a gussied up traditional styled Viking helmet.

Here's the thought that sort of formed the idea:
Upon the bloodstained earth, consumed by battle; those who are worthy will find themselves in the hands of the Valkyries and given the right to ascend the Great Rainbow Bridge -Bifrost- to the halls of Valhalla above. To be readied for their greatest challenge.

Hope y'all like it! Simple an' easy this one

this illustration (C) Alfred Pangkerego

-Utensils- .5 non-photo blue leads, .5 standard lead mechanical pencil, various Sakura pigment liners, assorted Prismacolor and Copic markers, Photoshop
-Working Time- 2 hr. penciling, 1 hrs. inking and cleanup, 1 hr. coloring, 30 mins. Photoshopping. Total: 4 hrs. 30 mins.
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