Julie and Julia Picture

Today's guest artist is Joe Cook, a very inspiring cat who holds himself to the highest of standards even when volunteering his talents to a webcomic like ours. Check out his own webcomic, Shattered Myth, for a glimpse into mythology, the collective unconscious, and awesomeness.

So, E wrote the script for our Julie & Julia strip without ever having seen the movie; and now here I am writing an introduction to a strip that examines a movie that I haven't seen; and maybe you folks will comment on my introduction of the strip that examines the movie that you maybe haven't seen either. In a truly weird inversion, we're all sort of blogging about a movie that we've pretended to see, instead of seeing a movie and then pretending to read one another's blogs about it. Weird. It makes my head bones hurt. I have many head bones.

Anyway, this Thursday we'll be releasing our Terminator: Salvation strip, and E will again do the news post. Now, you want to come back, don't you?
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