The palace of the secretpeople Picture

The picture is based on a vision I saw last sumer, which was by a lake with a glacier in south Iceland which is melting fast and it reviles this secret palace which was beneath the glacier. The seen is about this prince waiting for the boat to take to the palace to reunite with his family.

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The original settlers brought Norse and Celtic mythology with them when they traveled to Iceland. The original Eddas and sagas are still read by schoolchildren in Iceland. After generations of living surrounded by the spectacular landscape and oceans, other tales have been added that have a uniquely Icelandic flavor.

Guardian spirits in the form of birds and bulls protect the land from foreign invaders and mermen and mermaids are often seen in the waters. Farmers moving stones in their rocky fields are careful not to disturb stones that are home to trolls. Road crews have been known to change the course of a road when the constuction disturbed the fairy folk enough to cause trouble.

Some of the creatures of myth bring good fortune while others bring sorrow, but all of the strange tales instill a deep respect for nature and the creatures that call Iceland home. They also provide amusing stories to pass on to children to teach them to be careful and kind.
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