Valerie of Trinity Blood redo Picture

Urg, cell shading, you've beaten me again.... X[

Well...this still looks better than the old one: Here's my OC, Valerie, in the anime Trinity Blood! I've watched through the anime recently(as well as read as much of the manga and novel that I have access to), and it got me doing some related drawing...and writing! I may be getting in the mood for a different anime, but if any of you want to read a few chapters (I'm afraid that that's all I can put out for a while) of the introduction to Valerie and her sister, let me know real soon! (FYI: The story is only recommended for those who have read the novel/manga or watched the anime.)

So, I guess it's time for Valerie's profile?

Age: (by the time of the anime) 23-25
Height: (as a human) 5'6''
Talents: Writing poetry and lyrics
Likes: Music, mythology, beautiful gems(sounding stereotypical, eh?), gazing off at the sea
Personality: Though she has an attitude when provoked, she can be gentle. Loves her sister dearly and will do anything to protect her.
Theme song: Hmm?! I haven't come up with one yet.... Perhaps Endless Sorrow by Ayumi Hamasaki, or Truth Beneath The Rose by Within Temptation.

*Dragon form*

Height: 12'
Length: 48'

Her true form is the dragon. She was originally a human, but for being too proud, she was cursed with the form of a dragon. Thus, she is known as a Cuelebre(Not an original term from me. Comes from CiRuelo's Book Of The Dragon.), a human transformed into a dragon. Using what little powers she has, she is able to become a human, but she can't sustain that form for very long. She seeks a cure for this -- hoping to appeal to God, to get Him to remove the curse. Though the myth of the Cuelebre (pronounced soo-LE-breh...I think?) says that one cursed is doomed to wait until they find someone who can see their inner beauty and love them for who they are. Not that she really believes in that.
Being a Cuelebre is a bit of an aid, though. As a human, she has heightened senses and superhuman strength and speed -- allowing her to match a Methuselah in battle.

The main problem with this OC that I've had since I first made her in '09 is the un-originalty of her dragon form. See, then, I saw a most beautiful pearl-white dragon by a wonderful dragon artist, and immediately, I thought that I wanted THAT to be Valerie. I still do.
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