Valkyrie Wants to go Home Picture

A color pic of characters who are based mythology creatures/being can you guess who is what
lol, Characters me and a friend worked on xD
At first he wanted one of those stories with a woman who becomes the new Valkyrie who is a young beautiful innocent looking woman, with the beautiful shiny armor, mystic weapon, and the journey of self-discovery blah blah blah for 30 mins. He wanted the theme to be striaght up norse and myth theme with the Odin, Loki, Hel, and a boo plot twist(Loki or one major bad guy is her love) .
But i told him that's lame and used up the butt, then he wanted me to come up with something. I told him an idea that i pulled out of my ass xD and he loved it but he was mad thinking i wouldn't come up with something. LOL
I kept the new Valkyrie myth theme because he did a lot of research about myth crap, instead of a woman, she's a 14 year old girl who resident(story sets in) Philippines, one day her and her friends(and a bunch of others) saw an old forigner guy selling strange but cheap items. She likes the helment with the bird wings, she buys it, her friend bought something too like one bought a fancy cape(he said he wants to use it as a blanket) another bought the wand with the star on it. When she went home she just of fun(because she is alone) for the first time puts on the helment that is better then her head, oddly the helment got stuck for a good 30 seconds and when she finally toke out the helment, the first thing she sees is a pink orge, ovious reaction she screams and panics running hits a pole, a talking raven wakes her up, then she sees that she's in the middle of a city full of mythical looking monsters and being realizing she ain't in P.I anymore and i'll stop there xP.
The story and characters are suppose to be rarily if not never serious, random up the butt funny.
His role is to due the mythology research(i sure ain't doing that), and appove or disappove any ideas i suggest.
My role is the story and character idea xP
We still haven't come up with title for it T-T
any suggestions?
so far i'm just calling it "Valkyrie Wants to go Home"
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