Sailor Hamarr Picture

"I think talking without end is completely pointless. I'll let my hammers speak for me."

-Sailor Hamarr, Soldier of the North and the Hammer, the Lady Hamarr.

Many are the Sailor Senshi that comprise the Star Warriors, and they all come from different worlds to serve a common purpose. While this does cause the Star Warriors to have such immense numbers of Senshi and a wide range of different Sailor Warriors, there's another reason why there are so many unique Senshi within the order. It is because each individual Senshi chooses her form according to her interests or skills. Thus, there exists a vast number of Senshi within the Star Warriors of widely diverse types. Some are elemental Senshi, while others are celestial, others historical, others regional. In the case of this Senshi, she chose to uphold the old traditions of her home region.

Her civilian name is Sigrid Henriksen. She was born in the frigid Earth country of Norway. As a child, Sigrid was an avid lover of fantasy and mythology, especially regarding dwarves and the folk tales of her peoples' old Norse traditions and beliefs, especially about the Norse gods. In her adult life she became an expert historian in Norse myth and lore, speaking old Norse fluently and familiar with much of its ancient customs. Sigrid was also known for being a very fiery young woman, though also caring.

The Star Warriors, as always, came to Earth to find new recruits, and Sigrid was chosen. Impressed with what she saw, Sigrid proved an able student, learning all her instructors taught her. In particular, Sigrid learned the art of forging and further expanded her knowledge on Norse myth and folklore. When her initiation came, she was ready, Sigrid fully embracing the ancient history of her forebears by becoming Sailor Hamarr, a Norse-type Sailor Senshi. Hamarr, surprisingly, is one of the Norse words for "hammer", though why she chose this name is anyone's guess. Nevertheless, Sigrid is loved and respected by her Senshi sisters as the ebullient and loud Sailor Hamarr, a Senshi who is known as a brawler and a good friend.

Items and Weapons

Sig rune stone- her Transformation Item, it allows Sigrid to transform into her Senshi identity once she has uttered an ancient Norse incantation.

Sindri and Brokkr- her twin hammers, they are Sigrid's primary Attack Items. Because she learned the arts of the forge during her training, Sigrid personally forged her own weapons. She named the hammers after the twin dwarf brothers of Norse folklore, for Sindri and Brokkr were responsible for crafting many of the gods' weapons and devices, including Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, and Draupnir, the golden ring of the god Odin. Both are powerful magic talismans and physical weapons of utter lethality.

Known attacks

The Furnace's Breath- though she is a winter and Norse-type Senshi, Sigrid can conjure a flaring furnace from out of nowhere with this attack. Spurts of flame and blasts of heat pummel her enemies, yet she takes care that no innocent falls beneath the force of her attack.

Thor Thunder Force- her most powerful attack, Sigrid is enveloped by a powerful aura of energy that some say is the actual blessing of the god Thor himself. Whatever its origin, when the attack is active, Sigrid is capable of smashing through the thickest material with her hammers and even controlling lightning temporarily to a limited degree.


Being a recently inducted Senshi of the Star Warriors, Sigrid has yet to catch up to her more esteemed peers. But she has already ventured out beyond her home, performing missions for the Star Warriors worthy enough for the making of her own saga. There are no records yet of her deeds, but there will be soon.

Another new Senshi of my own creation. Decided to honor the Norse gods and dwarven tales by creating a Senshi that's heavily influenced by both cultures. Enjoy.
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