Akuma Mug-Shot Picture

Akuma Pronounced (Ack-Uma)

Okay, so like I said I have a few projects which I have not even begun to finish.. one of which is halfway done, however I do not want to post his full design until he is finished..

but this is the head of Akuma, the Oni Prince of the Shadow Lord Order, the main foe of the supreme enforcers, and the super sentinel...

Akuma is the son of Agamenon who is a greater demon, which was banished to Tartarus during the over throw of the gods by the great flood, and the war of angels and the children of the Titans..better known as the Aesir..

Akuma made his way to earth and has found ways of bringing his Oni Horde brother-en to Earth..

He needs to obtain a 7 ancient crystal objects which can allow him to bring forth his father, and subjugate humanity, freeing themselves to bring the final war of heaven and hell.

Akuma's face is a traditional Oni design in Japanese myths..

he has two horns in bone colour..

his mouth and lips are large and purple and curve around his large bottom fangs, the nose is wrinkled with his pronounced cheeks, and his hair is wild and crazy as the design is supposed to be...

His colour is typical of the greater Kabuki Oni, which are solid white, and are the greater heads of the Oni warrior clans..most Oni are either blueish or red..the blueish version in the CCS universe serve as the magical specialists, and use magic and incantations and potions, while the larger red Oni are the muscle and fighters, and most are not smart..

Oni resemble Ogres in some aspects, only they employ many different types of armor and weaponry and are steeped in Japanese Mythology..they are considered a different type of demon, not a fantasy race..

Akuma is part human and in human form looks like a pretty faced Japanese 20 something.. but in reality he is the a dark Oni prince..

Akuma employs red and blue Oni, in addition to his cyborg Oni guard, and his small robotic Oni ninja.. he also has a number of lesser demons at his disposal, most of whom are from Japanese folk lore..
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