Lycoris Maida -profile- Picture

Well, I figured since =Demented-Alchemist was talking about starting up a PW roleplay, I should probably do some kind of profile pic for Lycoris. it is.

I made the base from an official picture of Ema found on [link] and just kinda went from there. I don't intend to post the base at ~PhantasticPixels, seeing as I made it specifically for this, but I suppose if enough people ask, I will.

Music: None, really, I'm watching The Office on DVD.
And now: Holliness' ULTRA-LONG character survey. (abridged by me due to laziness)


FULL NAME: Lycoris Amalie Maida (Japanese: Kamisori Kiridashi)
MEANING: 'Lycoris'='twilight' or a kind of flower (look it up on Wiki) 'Amalie'='hardworking' (I think...I'll have to check that one) 'Maida'='maiden' (Jp: 'Kamisori'='razor' 'Kiridashi'= ' pointed knife ' )
NICKNAME: 'Cori', everyone at work just calls her 'Maida'. (Jp: no shortened version, they all call her 'Kamisori'
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