Lukas ref sheet Picture

Lukas- Age Questionmark-Questionmark-questionmark-questionmark, born in the year Questionmark-Questionmark-Questionmark-Questionmark in the Questionmark-Questionmarketh century. It's as much a mystery to you as it is to him, so the confusion feeling will be mutual, don't worry!

We DO know (or rather, what I am going to tell you only) that he is 6'6" (in other words, FREAKING. TALL.) and 251 Ibs....of MUSCLE!!!! and Organs. and it's not the kind of organs you play music with (unless somebody here knows how to play the spleenonica? How about the heartumpet? The lungbone? The kidneyute? The brainet? intestinephone?)

The different eye color thing is because in mine and
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