TWEWY Char. Concept: Dimahen Picture

EDIT: Gah, I forgot her personality! Darn it. >_>

Yes, folks. I'm entering the 'The World Ends With You' concept contest. Here's my entry, in her full glory! ^__^

Uh, yeah. Dimahen's a character I made up while deciding to make a Greek Mythology manga (until realizing that I can't draw anime. >_< ) Dimahen was supposed to be a water bard (complete with sitar) until I decided to scrap the Greek myth manga. So now, I found use for her through here. THANK YOU, SQUARE-ENIX! ^^ *glomp*

And yes, Dimahen is based on Demyx. In the Greek myth manga idea, she was supposed to be Myed's ancestor (so now the myth thing becomes a doujinshi. >_> ). But now, by the looks of it, it seems like she's his daughter or something. (10 guesses to who the mother is . . . *cough* ^^' )

Now for her personality: Dimahen has the tendency to be a pessimist. She's fast-talking, sarcastic, and almost always has something to say. (She's the complete opposite of Demyx, who's a cheerful optimist.) She doesn't back out of a fight, but she really isn't that strong. (Ouch. >_< )

Anyways, I hope that I become at least a finalist (but most likely, I'll fail miserably. *sigh*). If not, well at least I have a new KH OC.
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