Mythopoeia Picture

Soooo I have not been very present online. Uni takes up a lot of my time! I'm on holidays right now, so I'll try and post some more. These were quickie drawings for an assignment in the earlier half of the year - a classmate and I gave a presentation on mythopoeia (the conscious creation of myths) and invented a mini pantheon as an example.

Lingus and Yona: Yin and yang, animus and anima, two halves of a whole. God and goddess of sex and creation, and mother and father to the rest of the gods as well as the earth. Rule in perfect equality. They wear clouds because they're cool like that.
Lyery: The youngest child, god of trickery and manipulation. A small guy with a big head. Reminds me of Rumpelstiltskin. Likes to come down to Earth in various forms and mess things up for his own amusement - politician is one of his favourite guises. Antagonistic yet in a way necessary.
The Great Juggler: Didn't think of a proper name for her - the middle child, the goddess of multitasking. Gives energy and motivation to those under pressure. Special patron of students and single parents. I totally need her guidance constantly.
Oridea: Eldest child. God of inspiration and knowledge, and especially the written word. Brings creative ideas and innovation, and makes you remember things at the right moment.

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