Amyth High - Fang and Kain Picture

I thought about writing a story that involved urban myths and mythological creatures going to high school...

Sue me, I had too much sugar or something.

Anyway, I was going to call it Amyth High. Fang and Kain are just two of the characters that I will focus on a lot in the story.

Fang is the son of the Boogieman. He's going to inherit his father's job when he graduates or when his father grows tired of his job. He's pretty dark, cryptic and can be kindda scary. Pretty morbid and pessimistic too.

Kain is the son of the Candyman. He will also inherit his father's job when he graduates. He's bubbly, enjoys life and has an obvious sweet tooth. He's optimistic to a fault and can be kindda naive.

Fang and Kain are also dating.
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