Grorn- the Series: Voydigor Picture

Personality: Information Lacking. Evidence shows tendencies towards aggression and destruction, but little can be put together from the scattered pieces of data from appearances.


-Partial Displacement: Voydigor’s form appears to be draped in an anomalous veil of distorted space time. Objects that make physical contact with it tend to disappear into parts unknown, after an experiment involving irradiated particles was carried out it was determined that the objects are warped to another point in time and space. Whether the position is random or determined by the monster is still under study, though it is believed there is a degree of control given that the ground under its feet doesn’t disappear with every step. There is no scientific explanation readily able as of yet to determine the cause of this phenomenon, leading many to assume less ‘credible’ answers.

-Cronon Roar: Voydigor’s howling cry is not only painful, even fatal at close range, the vibrations can go both forwards and backwards in time. The exact purpose of this is again unknown, but it has shown very unusual effects on the nearby area.

-Super Strength: Though its form is less than purely physical, Voydigor is remarkably strong, able to lift monsters Grorn’s size class with one clawed arm.

-Tesseract Attack: Though not proven, evidence from its battle with Grorn shows an unusual fluctuation in space time, followed by the entity’s body ‘shimmering’ and growing less fluid in movement and more akin to a stop-motion model, usually followed by a rain of blows too fast to be read even by highly advanced equipment. It is believed that this is caused by Voydigor jumping itself across infinitesimal spans of time, skyrocketing the amount of energy behind each blow and multiplying the amount of times the blow strikes by a factor requiring scientific notation to record properly.

Origin: No one knows what sort of hell the mysterious entity called Voydigor came from, and what world it could possible belong in, but we do know that it is here on earth, and it emerged from deep in the arctic after a glacier collapsed. Its emergence, subsequent beatdown of PAKT’s finest forces, and day long battle across Toronto with Grorn, are all well recorded and analyzed constantly in attempt to figure out the creature, with only minimal breakthroughs thus far. The effects felt by the battle are immense, as the presence of many animals and plants considered extinct for millions of years and some not from any recognized point on the fossil record at all were spotted in the vicinity of the battle, as well as many new kaiju, nearly doubling the number known at the time. There are changes from a political standpoint as well, as Grorn was officially granted diplomatic amnesty by the UN, and Voydigor’s burial spot where Grorn dropped it into an Antarctic glacier was made a Vulcan outpost, armed with dozens of newly developed Waheela model Cryo-Cannons ready to keep the beast frozen in case of an outbreak, an eventuality that we all pray does not come in anyone’s lifetime.


Sparse bio is sparse.
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