as narkissos did Picture

in my recent submissions, i uploaded some pictures that were incidental in the course of snapping some bird shots. well, here then, are the alleged birds
by the large canal near my home, several species of birds can often be found fishing and feeding. this particular species of bird, however, is not native to singapore. it's only in the past several years that they have appeared, probably during stopover on their migratory route, but because of our balmy weather (or excellent public transportation infrastructure) they ended up staying.

these birds are fairly easy to shoot once on the ground because they move rather deliberately and don't seem to be frightened of humans standing close by. do check out my other submission of the same bird in flight here [link]

narkisskos is the greek name for 'narcissus', the famous greek mythological hero who fell in love with his own reflection and died as a result. you can read more about this fascinating myth here [link])
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