Spirit Tales Online - Gold Kirin Tribe Picture

The website for this MMO is really bad and doesn't actually have images of all the tribes and classes available once you start the game. So here's a convienient screenshot collection!
Personally I am really bothered by the fact that girls don't get to be spirit animals in a game all about spirit animals. Why on earth would I want to transform into a human with animal ears when my main character is already like that...? Its just weird cos the regular characters have no gender-limited appearance traits at all, they even get to wear the same armor unlike most games. No "on a man it's armor, on a woman it's a bikini", instead merely some little adjustments to make the same costume look feminine/masculine, which are hard to even notice. It's nice!
And then despite the niceness I don't wanna play as my own gender because I lose the coolest gameplay feature
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