YAY, another Doodle Dump Picture

(( Utter boredom took over on this one, and I even had the courtesy of numbering them.

1) My demon character Mischerra, he's all about envy and wrath and is in relations to my character Di'shoimentie, who is the demon of greed and gluttony.

2) Some alien I made up back in my freshmen year of highschool, funny thing was I first made him in clay then drew him out of memory. And yes that is a human hand in it's mouth.

3) My character Tarrin and his pet twelve legged tarantula. The martini time thing is some random thing I like to draw Tarrin with, even though it's not apart of his likes and dislikes at all.

4) The newest character currently, has no name or lower body yet.

5) It's Mr. Fluffy Face, that is what I have been mentally calling him for quite some time now, but I plan to have 'Mr. Fluffy Face' be the name Toki mocks him with considering I plan to have him as a villain.

6) My character Orinachi (someone please warn me if that means something in another language, and particularly if it's bad), and he's a Kitsune-alope (like jackalope, rabbit with antlers) and considering that he's male, and kistunes are mostly female in mythology, he's royalty. But, in some cases kitsunes in different myths feed off of other's life source though sex, and so his kingdom is basically a huge brothel and he's bisexual. nobody is safe from him, nobody at all!!!!!!

7) And lastly, it's a line up some random demon kid, Sinji thinking about watermelons, and my non-humanoid whatsit citizen that's a psychologist ))
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