Asgard - Skade picks a husband Picture

This is one of my favorite myths from the Nordic Mythology.
The giant Tjatse kidnapped Idun (with some help from Loke). Loke got Idun back. Tjatse chased Loke and Idun to Asgård where he was killed by the Asa gods.
Tjatse's daughter Skade came to Asgård with all her weapons to take revenge. She was one tough girl even as giantesses go.
The Asa gods, impressed by her brave and honorable behavior, offered her compensation for the death of her father. Part of the compensation was that she could marry any of the unwed Asa gods. She was however only allowed to see the feet when she made her choice.
Skade tried to pick the handsome Balder, think his feet would be the best looking, but instead she picked Njord.

I have made this in the form of a cartoon. The dialog is in Swedish written with runes (the old Futhark).


Skade: This is my choice, because nothing is ugly about Balder.

Njord (in triumph behind the cloth): Balder's feet stink like codfish.

Balder (further behind the cloth): You are the codfish, Njord.

Oden: The choice has been made.

Sign: Njord

Skade's line is pretty much straight out of the Edda. The rest of the dialog is my invention.

This is part of a series of pictures from the Nordic Mythology that I am making.
The one before his one is

Freja is the daughter of Njord. She is the goddess of love, but also of war.
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